If interested…


I have a luxury one bedroom flat (bathroom, kitchen, living room + huge balcony), + parking

+ Amazing sea front view from everywhere inside the flat!!!

Located at: Mikro Limanaki, Leukanti, Euboia 34100, Greece.

For leasing: per day $100: per week $400: per month $1500.

If interested for reservations please call me at: (001) 408-780-6757,

Or, email me at: gtcomman@gmail.com

Or message me at:


some words…


O Anthropos panta krinete apo tis prakseis tou kai ta erga tou. 

O mikros Anthrwpos apla ginetai ermaio twn sunaisthhmatwn tou

O Hlithios anthrwpos apla blepei oti ton boleuei..

Kai o pan HLITHIOS…¬†anthrwpos… apla blepei oti ton boleuei.. kai ginetai ermeo twn synaisthhmatwn tou (Zhleia… misos… ktlp)… logikh anuparkth.