Chapter 3 cont:…


Chapter 3 cont:

What I have achieved in these three years… let me think… I have achieved to become the most “wanted man” on planet earth! Without making any crime… All the secret intelligence of the country is watching my life… 24/7… I try to go to the swimming pool today, ten minutes relaxing in the Jacuzzi, someone walked inside my flat from a nearby flat. That person opened my freeze and poured poison in my juices. When returned, I saw the man entering a next door flat, a 60+ year old man with a baseball hat, about 5-11 height, 200 pounds.

Now how I know that… I trap the refrigerators doors, and the flat door… before I go, in ten minutes that I was away, this man walked in my flat, after the security guy saw me in the pool, he gave him the signal to go in my flat, and also to walk out of it, when he saw me leaving the pool area, 5 minutes walk-back to the flat, he had the time window to walk out safely.

When I returned I check my traps… and boom… someone had open the refrigerator doors while I was away… 20 minutes the most. What I did… I poured all the liquids down the sink. I am planning to empty the whole refrigerator, or at least not to eat anything from it.


So let me summarize what I have achieved in San Jose…

I cannot leave my flat for more than 10 minutes… or a dumb motherfucker will come in to poison my food/ drink.

I cannot go to the swimming pool for more than five minutes, and leave my refrigerator unattended.

I cannot leave food or drink in the refrigerator, because again this dumb motherfucker will come.

In a way… if I want to live in San Jose… cannot go out my flat for more than 10 minutes.

Because again this dumb motherfucker will come. This is my life in this Dumb motherfucker town!