So… let me start from the beginning. PROLOGOS:


So… let me start from the beginning.


When people believe in their abilities anything can happen…

The human mind has limitless abilities most of them are unknown to the vast majority of men kind!

The issue is always intelligence… which is created by knowledge… input… and by strangle… process. Bigger the strangle … bigger experience … bigger experience creates knowledge… and with the right inputs… science (the laws of physics… and matter)…and mathematics (the laws of reasoning)… bigger the intelligence!

… and by saying the word laws of mathematics… take for example the “PYTHAGORAS theorem” …Greek philosopher/ mathematician 570-495 B.C… which is the corner stone of our civilization… Because is the best process to calculate the YPOTINOUSA… and until the end of times there will be no evolution in that process!!! hence absolute true… and all this more than 2500 years ago!!! can you imagine what was the status of education of the rest of men kind at that time?

… and with intelligence you simplify the process by making it faster and faster… hence efficient! So utilization  of processes is evolution… which is transformed to technology… (accumulated knowledge)/ experience = engineering applied)…and technology evolved our society… our way of living!

From ancient times the means of communication among humans … the encoding of information and communicating it…was and still is THE criteria of how evolved one society was/is!

So the strangle of men to survive… forced them to become more and more intelligent!

I was born in San Jose US California in 24 April 1975. Was named after my grandpa, George Curtis, the father of my mother. I have one sister and two brothers. My first years in San Jose… I do not remember. In 1979 was brought to Greece, Athens. After few years I moved to Chalkida, a small city on Euboia island about 80 Km’s north east from Athens.

I had a very good childhood… with many friends. Was very good in sports… football, swimming and also a very good student. I would say that I wasn’t very popular… but for sure I wasn’t unpopular. I was hosting great parties so this helped.

My father and his side of the family… favored my bro Tim, the other twin. Me had no problem with that… as I was busy with my things. This made me grow up as more independent as a kid.

In 1993 went to England to study, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Started at Gateshead College and after a year went to Newcastle University to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Finished my bachelors on time and continued with a Master of Science in signal processing and Communications.

Too much mathematics, stochastic processes… modeling… channeling… algorithms… for the information to be reformed… transmitted… received… encrypted… decrypted. Everything was about… how to create an efficient communication channel, to transmit/receive a message, a digital word, or a bit stream. This thought… that by utilizing the maters of the Air/ or vacuum/ (micro waves)… you can access others… distant recipients in a very efficient way.

On my first class as an undergraduate student… I remember this very well… do not recall the Professors name was lecturing to all the fresh Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Marine)… that engineering is all about finding a realistic solution on a given problem.

Good Engineering is creating the ultimate realistic solution to the problem with the less cost!!! Excellent Engineering is when a Good Engineering is used for many-many years… this is my input. These… words followed me my entire life!

An excellent piece of engineering is a Coil and its applications… a coil relay conductor, a motor, an electric generator. Until the end of times a motor will be a motor, a relay will be a coil relay and a generator will be a generator.

Why I mentioned all this… because…

In Greek… Engineer is MHXANIKOS (michanikos) from the verb MHXANEYOMAI = SKEFTOMAI = I think of a problem… hence implement solution.

Human intelligence is based on the ability that we can communicate. This enables us to form societies. The more advanced and efficient the communication means of a society the more “intelligent” that society is. So communication throughout human history was the criteria of how advanced/ civilized this society was/ is.

Human speech and write was the essence. Information was encrypted in to words… transmitted via sound waves over the air.   From the other side of the channel a recipient who could sense… hear/ receive this sound wave, could interpret it, if he/she new the encryption code… language. In writing symbols where used to encode this information… on stones… papers and other materials.

In our days, human intelligence has evolved with technology. More advance and sophisticate systems have developed to serve this purpose. But advanced systems are the means… the message on its self the essence!

Chapter one: GTcomman


While I was studding in England… I was almost six years there… had a very good life. Between beer and clubs I met many ladies… Kate… Laura… Lucy… Ann… Mary… Clare… where a few ladies from what I remember…. I was trying to balance between being a student and a party animal.

Going out was a way of life… pub next to pub next to pub… to clubs…form Master’s… to Circus Circus…to Planet earth… to Riverside… to Ritzy… to Legends … NICE where called the best parties…and Monday nights to Julies disco student nights!!! The issue for the people there… was after work, college or University… …weekdays everyone was finishing around 5 pm … was to go  “down de Toon” for drinks!!! The beer consumption was more than the gasoline one!!!  Until last orders… quarter to 11… they had good five hours to become wasted!!!

On the streets were only taxis and police cars/ vans… for hospitality reasons… The public transportation, metro and buses,  had adopted their routes accordingly so everybody were using them. Meeting ladies… was like drinking pints… it depended on how many you could have!

The motto of the ladies were… weekdays boyfriend… weekends girlfriends! In all rules there were exceptions… so when it was student night weekday it was treated like a weekend!!!It was an even time management that was giving space to the rest freelancers to score big.. in almost everyday!!!

Me as an original “bon viver” adopted to this way of life very fast!!! Garage music and progressive House … was playing none stop in my flat! Before going out a trial round of vodka shoots was a nice starter of the “nite”! Around eight was heading to metro… and around half eight had my  first pint down “de Toon”… Big Market!

So while I was doing all that… one day I wanted to create my gmail… so I could have an email. This would enable me to sent projects, assignments to my professors. So while I was entering the data required I had to enter a username…. which was unique. After a several tries with my name and surname GTheoh… GeoTheoch… and several variations…. I came up with GTcomman… a unique word that I could use.

I realized very soon… that none on the Internet was using this unique word… so it was easy for me to create any accounts, profiles using this word GTcomman.

GTcomman stands for Georgios (George) Theocharis (Theoharis) commander. So GTcomman was created as a need for my unique identification on the Internet… a username.

Chronologically it was autumn 1994 while I was on my first year in University. At that time I was leaving with my bro Tim and my cousin Thanasis at a flat near Gateshead Stadium… at the south coast of the river Tyne.