Chapter one: GTcomman


While I was studding in England… I was almost six years there… had a very good life. Between beer and clubs I met many ladies… Kate… Laura… Lucy… Ann… Mary… Clare… where a few ladies from what I remember…. I was trying to balance between being a student and a party animal.

So while I was doing all that… one day I wanted to create my gmail… so I could have an email. This would enable me to sent projects, assignments to my professors. So while I was entering the data required I had to enter a username…. which was unique. After a several tries with my name and surname GTheoh… GeoTheoch… and several variations…. I came up with GTcomman… a unique word that I could use.

I realized very soon… that none on the Internet was using this unique word… so it was easy for me to create any accounts, profiles using this word GTcomman.

GTcomman stands for Georgios (George) Theocharis (Theoharis) commander. So GTcomman was created as a need for my unique identification on the Internet… a username.

Chronologically it was autumn 1994 while I was on my first year in University. At that time I was leaving with my bro Tim and my cousin Thanasis at a flat near Gateshead Stadium… at the south coast of the river Tyne.