one country and one Bordellllllllo….


Today I went to the Greek Taxation office… as it appears that I have an outstanding amount to eforeia!!!
The main amount is from telos epitideumatos back in 2012…which I had from a closed book personal company (electrical engineer)…

That year the law changed … while I was in USA as a US citizen working… and because I left the blokaki… in a closed book personal company…..I am a forogygas… This is what the Nea Dhmokratia 2012 goverement decided!!!

while at the same time I was paying taxes in USA!!! was there from 5/2011!!!!

So how I have to pay taxes for income in two countries (one country and one Bordello)?

Because in the Bordello (according to Nea Dhmocratia 2012 government) I am a forofygas …and had to be taxed twice!!! In USA ( was working there)… in Greece because I had a closed book personal company with no income!!!
now a law suite for this amount is on their way… against the Greek State!!!