The hacking… the stupidity… and the “intelligence”


Was watching the news… everyday the same story…

The CIA Russian hacking… and how this affected the outcome of the US elections…

It is clear that still the US Demicrats have not digested the elections result!!!

The only one who can hack the NSA … is NSA… or CIA!!!

and… if  the “intelligent” society is advertising its weaknesses…it’s not intelligent!!!

it is when intelligence becomes the dumb and dumber…

no surprise why they lost… and no surprise why they intelligent society needs to become more intelligent in personnel!!

The choise… is yours!


a good choise for any position?

the criteria will be based on previous similar position?

Or will be based on results already achieved?

is intelligence a crime or a virtue?

Mr President elect… Had no previous direct experience on public positions … but still he can be an excellent one!!!

will he follows his example … or lobbies will force their way?