skill set:

Systems engineer/ Electrician/ Networking/ Electrical Integration, Trouble shooter,   Sales, Strategy, Blogging/


  • Electrician at Cosmos Electric (family business)

12/2016- today

Performed daily service calls to restaurant chains (Chili’s, BWW, Red Lobster, Chevys, Black Angus, Sweet Tomatoes etc),

Performed daily service calls to commercial companies

Electrical installations to Amazon, Palantir

Build electrical remodeling to  two New restaurants Pizza My Hart Valley fair

Curry Pizza Fremont.


  • Oil Tanker Electrician at Springfield Panama sa (ONASIS shipping)

01/2014 – 05/ 2016

Vessel Olympic Liberty 300.000 tns oil capacity

Vessel Olympic Legend 300.000 tns oil Capacity

Installed/ integrated to ship’s systems various motor invertors for energy efficient operation requirement.

Troubleshooted all problems with respect to ship’s operation, electrical systems, while in transit.

System/ motor maintenance and performed daily ship’s maintenance tasks


  • Project based Network Engineer Contractor for WIPRO Technologies, Marathon Petroleum

01/14/2013- 02/08/2013.

The project involved the integration and upgrade of existing Refinery Enterprise Network, interconnection with the New refinery purchased (Texas City), WAN interconnect with Headquarters (OH), and other Marathon Petroleum sites across the US.

Main duties: Troubleshooting connectivity, configuration issues. Rebranding of new hardware installed (CISCO) for wireless and wired network.


  • Telecommunication Engineer at Hellenic Aerospace Industry.


Technical consultant in many Bids (RFP) and proposals, for defense network projects.

Identified market trends, created proposals, technical solutions.

Project coordinator, delivered financial estimates, bill of materials, statement of work and technical solution to work package leader

Lead designer of Hellenic IP tactical network. The project consisted of upgrading a large scale mobile (100) nodes tactical Legacy Voice network to a modern IP network.

Integrated Eurocom Voice, ISDN PBX and Call Manager (VoIP) over a wireless WAN infrastructure.

Presented the project beyond Greek borders with EDA (European Defense Agency Consortium).

I opened a new market for my company and for the defense industry in Greece in general. I created not only the architecture itself, but managed to change the whole policy around the network-centric war affair. The project became current national R&D, and the main contender for the ENEA Architecture of the Network Centric War affair for the European Defense market.

Strong hands on experience in Wireless infrastructures deployment (point-to-point radios, Wi-Fi, and Satellite), as well as LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, routing, switching,, firewalls, VPNs, and ISDN network configuration.

RF fundamentals, 3G, GSM design and operations.

Network design OSI layer 1-2-3, STP, VLAN, VPN (.1q), IP routing protocols BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP, access controlling.

Cisco IOS routers and switches, as well as firewalls, Wireless-LAN controllers technologies Wi-Fi (802.11).


  • Electrical and Automation Engineer at Spectrum 2003-2004

09/2003 – 06/2004

Design and Development of various Control Panels for the Olympic Games (Athens 2004) buildings, and various client factories..

PLC configuration in Ladder/ C, relay control circuit design and test.



  • University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle, UK. 09/1997-12/1998

Master of Science in Signal processing and Communications

  • University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle, UK. 09/1994-08/1997

B.eng Electrical and Electronic

the donkey flies…???

GTcomman comments

… the dynamics in the human mind…

can provide envision!

It is like … a wave will reach the shore… without seen it … this specific one…

but you know that will reach the shore at some time…because you have seen other waves reaching the shore…

have you ever tried to stop a wave for not reaching the shore? is it possible to block it?

…trying stopping the wind… ???

…like trying to stop time…???

trying stopping the rotation of our planet… ???

trying to stop change…???

Technology… is to know… how…

to use a specific designed … shaped… board and ride with the wave…

Technology… is to use a specific designed kite/ sail and a board to ride both wind and wave… and controlling direction wise your course… regardless the winds or wave direction!!!

so… there are many ways to experience change… but those with the right knowhow…

can drive further these discussions!!!

hence… the issue is always know how… technology…

and those who posses these knowledge/ experience can guide/ drive …

of course everybody wants… in words… to drive…

but most of these people they don’t know…

they don’t have the knowhow/ technology!!!


now… back to the hierarchical human network… everybody… doggy style…

… the donkey flies…

everybody says the donkey flies… naturally!!!


virtual reality… is the political reality!!! enforced… homo erectus style!!!

Personally I consider myself an alien… being an Engineer and a scientist…

look always for reasoning!!!


in my mind… the donkey cannot fly… neither a homo erectus man… on its own…

me as an engineer can provide a Solution…

for the donkey to fly… and that solution costs…

such and such… and such!!! depending on the requirement!!!

hence… the donkey can fly…

but it does not fly!!!

Because the earth is a rotating planet… and not a flat stand still land…


So… while everything seems to be enforced…

the issue is … information… and informational control!

in the middddle ages… the elite of that time… with the network of priesthood were controlling society!

In our days… the explosive growth of internet… intermediate systems… with the social network/ platforms…

created new uncontrolled broadcast domain… fully controlled systemic wise though…

but still the end user can upload files/ pictures/ videos etc… can post articles and share ideas!!!

Some people still live in the middle ages… enforcing their hierarchical human network… by supporting any stupidity there is… as long as the human network below will support this…

others control systems…

and others just still control themselves!!!


Either way…

the system is constitutional Democracy!!!

under which … there are some declared freedoms…

one of those … is freedom of speech!!!


which still remains unconditionally uncompromised!!!

So I reserve my right to defend my personal profile and my self…

against those who tried systematically to harm me and my profile!!!

I can collaborate with anyone with common sense…


at the end of the day… earth is rotating…

and nothing is the same after just a second…passed!!! neither are they!!!


hence… you cannot resist change… because just happened a split second ago…

but you can anticipate the dynamics…