GTcomman’s… all time fave pasta dish!!! enjoy…


Tri tip pasta…



Take one good whole tri tip (beef)… Thin pasta, Olive oil, Red wine, Two cloves of garlic, Three spring onion fresh, Honey, Anari (cheese)


Salt, black  pepper, Garlic salt, dry basil, dry oregano, dry onion, Italian seasoning, chili sauce


Add to raw meat pepper, oregano, some salt, some chili sauce, dry onion, garlic salt, some olive oil and some honey.

By using your hands spread the mix evenly to all the meat.

Place the marinated tri tip to a pre cooked oven (broil 500 Fahrenheit) to cook for about half an hour… depends how thick is the tri tip!!!


On a fry pan add some olive oil to cover the surface… add the two chopped cloves of garlic and the chopped spring onion… when starting golden… add some red wine two-three big spoons of tomato paste… add some water and let it shimmer at low fire for five minutes. Add dry basil, Italian seasoning, dry oregano salt and pepper…let it shimmer until sauce thick and almost ready… add inside the oven cooked meat in to slices and let it shimmer at low fire.

Prepare the pasta… boiling water… pasta inside until almost ready… drain.

On the boiling pan add olive oil… and shredded anari cheese and cook until brown… add pasta close fire and stir!!!

Turn the meat from both sides inside the sauce and close fire… let it cool down for five minutes…