Because… to serious !!!


Of course he can fire anyone he thinks not good for the job…!

The response of the markets is irrelevant … the potential Syria strike will have bigger effect for markets!!!

Mr. Trump is pushed to a war by the shadow system that lost the elections! This is not just a strike to Libya or even to IRAK… this will have devastating results globally! The Jewish lobby is rushing things for the strike… for their own reasons…

feeling a little bit afraid is my guess!!!

This is too risky… with unpredicted results!

Politically it is not a very good move for Mr. Trump… the opposite… USA is divided… and of course when you are rushed to something that serious… against a very serious and organized opposition… most likely the outcome will be negative!

There is no Infantry deployment possibility… maybe after few months… and of course the “incident” itself must be examined… both sides can agree to that…