the agreement…


It is abuse for history to call Vardaskans Makedones! Similarly… the Jews are Makedones, Egyptians, Persian etc!

The Vardaskans, Skopia, got their way… and Tsipras and his goverment got promises for debit reassemply/ reduction! Which is only in promises!

Under current situation… and it is not the same situation as it was two decates ago…

The negotiating power of Greece… with Turky running here and there is increased… the nato base from ingirlik moved to larisssssa!

Hence there was a gift to the Vardaskans the name… because in proper negotiations all resonable positions would be on the agreement! Vardaska the new cuntry, Vardaskans the nationality… ¬†and everything would be ok! But these morans… signed the agreement as they were speaking from the weak side… because they are!

Now Mr Tsipras and his goverement will face Treason charges… and with respect to dept… in the messs EU is… they would get it either way!

Let them… with bad imagination!


For fake masonic dogs… I am fat, old, ugly and crippled! Just turned 43, extremely fit and standing!

of course pathetic people… old people with vision problems want… but it is what it is… can not please old lying morans! can not please unbrotherly garbagge that call them selfs masons!