My today’s comments to Mr. Trump’s tweet… 08/29/18 “stop the Bias”!




Me I being bullied from these … NSA/ High Tech Demicratic system… people since the first time I came to USA CA San Jose back in 2011! On 2012 summer I volunteer to help the Demicrats and the Obama 2012 campaign against Romney…

I did that to belong to a group… Since i was new here and didn’t know many people… Since then… I guess I become well known… and until today I receive threats, that they will cripple me … bullying/ mocking me in all social media with worst being FB!

I have sincerely regret the fact that I volunteer to help this campaign… and of course the Dems won that one back in 2012… they won … with me helping them…

The next elections 2016 I supported your campaign against Demicratic Hillary… and You won!

I applied to all these companies and they didn’t want to hire me…  I was involved in some research projects in EU FP7/ EDA and NATO frameworks… with very good results!

now self employed doing OK! If these big guys want something from me I am all ears.

If they just want to cripple me harm me in any way… I will defend my self!

This “Obama System” is a criminal organisation utilizing partially FBI/ NSA/ CIA!

It seems that “masons” are only the fake Demicrats here…

or they belong to a “Satanistic” paralegal criminal organization…


the Demicratic Muppet show… with FBI drama!!!



This was the Situation two years Ago!

this picture I found from Masons Strong power of the world FB page.

soros ...a pile of garbage!

… The Demi-cratic party with part of FBI… servicing USA Citizens!!! The biggest Joke of the Century!

According to this Mr. Obama is still the shadow political master mind of USA! NO Constitution, NO  Democracy… but Politics enforced… by the EX political system who lost the elections! Hence Demicratic “Muppets” Dont respect the LAW, Constitution of this Country!!! They manipulate elections but still managing to lose…

the Demicratic muppet show… with FBI drama!!! a great way to start the week! and of course it is still August!


No cloud platform is secure… ask NSA about it…


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Replying to  

No cloud platform is secure… ask NSA about it, NO privacy, NO data in Cloud based platforms as they are today are secure!!!! The Public servants, Democrats Morans are destroying your business!!!!

From Democrats to Demi-crats…


I live in San Jose California… a “Liberal” Democratic state… where on a dally basis I am being bullied from these Fascist fake “Liberals” Demicrats…. Because I do not support them. I do not support Demicrats because their politics Globally are Loosing!

I DO NOT Support Demicrats because they are NOT Democrats!!! In my opinion they are a disgrace for the word Democracy! I DO NOT Support Demicrats because They have none in my opinion Serious Cantidate! They lack from personalities abilities and skills!

I DO NOT support the Demicratic party… because they have a LOOOSING strategy! They act as a criminal organization! No skilled personnel and above all they will see again they White house … in my opinion… after half a century!




My today’s comments to Mr. Trumps Tweet. 08/12/18


“Seems like the Department of Justice (and FBI) had a program to keep Donald Trump from becoming President”. If this had happened to the other side, everybody involved would be in jail. This is a Media coverup of the biggest story of our time.

It seems that FBI has become a paralegal organization violating all laws of men and GOD! This criminal organization was established to provide intelligence to the State… USA… Now they operate with their own agenda serving who?

Not the elected government… not the people…

The FBI “eye” is providing intelligence to who? Masonic organization, SION…? If Mr Rothschild wants an army to serve his interests… next time he must run for the Office! USA citizens are not paying their tax money to provide an “Eye” and army service free!!!

Because his Bamack Osamba bullshiter lost the elections!

Unless they want to cancel the elections procedure, constitution and let public servants of FBI to dictate USA!