My today’s comments to Mr. Trump’s tweet 08/09/18


Jenna Ellis “FBI thought they wouldn’t get caught because they thought that Hillary was going to win. There is overt bias and that depends on whether you are Democrat or Republican – a double standard that needs to stop.”


Replying to  

In Greek we call this: “ΚΡΑΤΟΣ ΕΝ ΚΡΑΤΕΙ» by a group of its servants…

following their own agenda! or simply treason!

The same FBI group bullies me Sir! I guess they don’t like the truth!
This system was established by Obama… i.e. the “Obama System”!
and operates against democracy, against constitution, against USA!
These people are not elected not political personel…
and exxxeeed their authority with these actions!

Personally I do this to defend my self against this group of individuals! Who are threatening/ Bulling me that they going to cripple me or even Kill me! USA is still a Democracy and have laws and Constitution!

I came to USA, California to work, legally! I am USA citizen and I reserve all rights that the USA Constitution gives me to defend/ protect my self against these Groups!!!