My comments on Mr. Trumps tweet 08/10/18




“Democrats, please do not distance yourselves from Nancy Pelosi. She is a wonderful person whose ideas & policies may be bad, but who should definitely be given a 4th chance. She is trying very hard & has every right to take down the Democrat Party if she has veered too far left!”

Replying to

No worries… The demicratic party will see the White Hooose… after half a century! The fake protest of mega million $$$ players is fake… or they were paid to do so! It is this political mentality of the”Obama System” that lost them the elections in the first place!

They are looosing in the Senate they are loosing in the global political scene! Correct me if  I am wrong… the only liberal political party in the globe that still runs the House is in Greece… SYRIZA! Their current rating is less than 10%!!!

and Greece is bankrupt withing the EU! This shallow politics of the pussy riots… or the mega millions $$$ protestors does not produce any results for them! the opposite! You will win the majority in the senate elections!

Of course now if the deep state insists in supporting them… it is their business…

But betting on a continuous loooosing politics with political mastermind the Bamack OsamBa… is a combination that only defeat will produce for them and for ISRAIL! and bets can be lost… as they they have tasted defeat many times so far!