My today’s comments to Mr Trumps tweet: 09/28/18


Our fellow Citizens and FBI employees… i:e Public Servants!!!

Your Employer is VERY unsatisfied with your abuse!!!

Personally… I think them as we say in Greek… KRATOS EN KRATEI!

in other words…the do what the fuck they want!!!

inside a constitutional Democracy LAWS are above ALL!!!

Masons Are obligated to respect the law and constitution of the State/Country their house is facilitated!!! Otherwise USA in NO Democracy but a Un-Democratic Regime!

In Which thy can Kill anybody They Wish! … i:e Like a Criminal Mafia!!!

The “cannabis” culture…


In California it is legal to buy weed/ grass/ hash/ oil etc. You go to licensed stores and they sell you cheese…

Today I went to buy an (1/8) of hybrid weed “cookies”…

after I tried to return another product 1 gram of Hash…that I bought five minutes ago from the same shop…(the box was and still is shielded I will keep it as a souvenir)… the sales lady informs me that she needs to call the manager…

This nice lady comes…I explain to her that I want to return the hash to get the cookies… I show her the package shielded as it was as I bought it five minutes ago.

Her answer was that she can not accept the sealed hash back because it could be Tampered!!!!!!!!!!

In other words she said to me… that me in five minutes I could break the shield tamper for example with toxic oil which destroys the brain… cripples the person…the hash… dried and re package it with the machine back to its original condition!!!

This weed thing… The California Snake Culture…. is very dangerous because…

you legalize something so it could be better for the consumer to take! and of course for the state to take the taxes…weed naturally is only a plant/ flower… which produces THC… when dried… you can spray different types of oils… and of course toxic/ biological dangerous drugs!!!!!

Now as it is… they legalize pharmaceutical companies to sell weed Tampered with toxic chemicals… as a tool to target innocent consumers and experiment on you without your approval!!!

That is why the Store Manager didn’t accept it back… but me as George Theoharis don’t have the right tools to Tamper weed… electrician/ blogger I am… But THEY DO HAVE ALL THE TOOLS TO TAMPER WEED!!!!!

And on top you pay state taxes (four in total) to cripple you… kill you… or what ever they wish to do to YOU!

This weed thing… is The California Snake Culture….

Now if you go to Holland to buy weed it is legal there as well… I personally bought once from Rotterdam… the shop is simple one room no security… one guy behind a bullet proof glass with a glass jar foul with weed and a digital scale in front of him…

In front of you he scales the weed and sells you it per gram charge… so simple… better weed… and of course not tampered… the tampering procedure is for specific “customers” only!!! with nice pee-packaged “product!!!! In one cabinet the good ones in other the tampered ones…

my comments to Mr Trump’s speech at 2018 UN summit


Mr Trumps speech at UN summit 2018

the New world order globalization has collapsed that is for sure! The “mosonic strong power of the world” as a tool to achieve the New world era… is not that strong!

The “ bamack” system is completely deleted!

Democracy, constitution and freedoms defined are the winners!

healthy patriotism and borders are enforced! globalization via nations collaboration is required!

Terrorists like ISIS are erased from the map… US economy is booming.


sometimes… though… the “eye” needs glassessss! not very good “vision”!!!


strong… stronger… strongest? why do I need to join…
a: to be crippled?
b: to be bullied by the “eye personnel”- feds/ nsa/ cia?
c: to offer ?

the eye

sometimes… though… the “eye” needs glassessss! not very good “vision”!!!

The demicratic party…is the “eyes” choice…?

the “bamack system” tactics… are not very “strong” recently… (only the past 2+ years)…

it seems out of date!