the biggest Political Moooorans ever seen on Planet earth’s modern History!!!


uncostitutional leggaly flawed

Mueller power questioned in first post-Sessions court hearing – POLITICO

“legally flawed and unconstitutional”

and also he did that intentional… under the commands of who? or he was working by himself?

another issue that arises…

without himself being a political personnel and all these after post election period…

is that his investigation intentionally was favoring a political party using his position to accuse the elected government for election manipulation!

is this treason to USA?

was he supported by FBI to perform his investigation?

we are talking one of the biggest scandals in modern history!

… Not even In Hollywood pictures…

It is when the hunters become hunted by their own stupidity!

If a political system “Obama System” can think such a plot “the Russian Probe” and then being trialed for treason…

then we are talking about the biggest Political Moooorans ever seen on Planet earth’s modern History!!!

And that is the current Demicratic Party… with foul support from CNN etc…



my comments to Mr. Pence’s tweet: 11/02/18


22 hours ago

“I’ve got a message for all of Stacey Abrams’ Hollywood friends: This ain’t Hollywood. This is Georgia!”


my comments to Mr. Pence’s tweet:

what common has a liberal Hollywood star with the hard working men of this country…?

there is NO liberal government on planet earth… only in Greece and there is a mix of two completely different parties… this is why these dems lost in the first place! They have no clue… about politics and of course their strategy is not producing any results!

A Hollywood star has the luxury to “play” the liberal… as he/she is a good actor! my prediction is that they will count their senators/ states in one hand! +/- few fingers

…One kind comment… as I was browsing my wifi connections …. I show a connection “FBI surveillance van” in a reach from my lab top!!! These FBI guys wasting their vast resources here in almaden lake village? This a central command? to deploy feds in almaden lake village?…

In planet Hollywood there are liberals… in Israel they are liberals???

we need to sent Pakistanis, Persians, Palestinians etc to Tel Aviv! since they liberals!!!

and of course Persian men to marry Israeli women…

the same with fake news… fake liberals!

to solve the middle east crisis… and Persian conflict at the same time!

But this is only possible in Planet Hollywood… not Planet earth! It is liberal…

the most conflicts on the planet are Jewish interests behind…. so let the Jews take the burden of the immigration crises! All immigrants not to Italy nor Greece… nor Texas…. to Tel Aviv!