Weed… Is a Legalized murder of USA Citizen


Legalized weed in California… San Jose…

Is a Legalized murder of USA Citizen individual who purchases legally weed and weed products!

He is on the discretion of the sales person… who acts under the command of the local FBI eye personnel!

Weed is used as means for the FBI/ bosses to murder/ poison with especial duplicated products of each item on the menu!

The USA Citizen/ Tax payer purchases legitimately this “products”, warned that they might be harmful/ similar to smocking tobacco products.

What the purchaser doesn’t know is that the “Sales” person swaps the product with a same packaged one… embedded “fortified” with pharmaceutical produced bioweapon!

Which “bioweapon” or “poison” can cripple/ kill him in a not very prolonged usage!!!

All this under the Surveillance of the cameras!

Hence in court the video can be used as evidence to what I say!

We are talking about an organized crime… with FBI’s Blessing!