My comments to the Justice Department’s tweet (05/14/19):



“We know that the American people are only safe because our law enforcement officers face danger. We can only rest easy because they never rest.“

AG Barr Delivers Remarks at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Candlelight Vigil

my comments:

this is one side of the coin…

the other is a very serious one…

the surveillance abuse and bullying by the “ EYE” personnel…

abuse…to business, legit civilians and other legal tax payers!

this abuse/ directorship… by the personnel… that intrudes:

your bedroom, household or life!

is the other..

this abuse… resides above any logic, reasoning or constitutional law enforcement!

is just abusive usage of power… by very bad individuals, minds , characters and persons!

internet abuse performed by these so called “agents” to your smart phone, web browser…phone calls… even your car controller… eg. BRAKES… exceeds ANY justification on means provided!

ANY time one o these “agents” tampers remotely your brakes… IS A MURDER ATTEMPT!

is a reality … that only a “criminal organization” like…could justify the means!

In addition the local FBI

Special Agent in Charge

John F. Bennett

This person it seems that he is the master mind behind this surveillance abuse towards my self, personal life, and work! Manipulates my phone calls, tracks my location, watches… he is the responsible for the heat and abuse I am experiencing!

In addition he is the master mind behind these “murder attempts” towards me… by remotely break tampering…