Tsipras… debate… and the “liberal” fake demicratic dictators of the cameras!


As the elections in Greece approach… the dilemma of law, constitution and real Democracy… is up against populist fake liberal abusers of the constitutional democratic system!

These political garbage represented today by the decaying political party of SYRIZA…

These mentality… unsuccessfully resulted in numerous dead ends… financial, national and soon constitutional!

In democracy there are no dead ends… only dead ended minds like Tsipras, Omaba etc!

Mr Omaba especially… as he finished his eight year run…

unconstitutionally and illegally still influences federal agencies… spying on people… legitimately governments… eg Mr Trump’s … and civilians! He still remains as a shadow on the CIA’s / FBI “Eye” hunting any legitimate democratic process!

These group… as an organized mafia gangsters… are represented as fake news/ media/ fake liberals/ fake humanitarians… and so on…

In one word… FAKE!

USA will not become a third world country … and it is a blessing that constitutional Democracy is still alive!

vision… and vision…



According… the old men… I should destroy my house… my relationship… because I am fat!!! My girlfriend and partner… she is NO good for me… or because I am “fat” I am NO good for her!!! love, emotions, virtue, integrity… are garbage… infront of the sterotype… lying elders here… These is The level of the relationships… just a picture in the blind old men!

My comments to Mr Trumps’s tweet 06/15/2019:


18 minutes ago

Do you believe that the Failing New York Times just did a story stating that the United States is substantially increasing Cyber Attacks on Russia. This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our Country…..

Mr Trump… who controls the corrupt media…

New York is a Demicratic state… hence the “Omaba System” with the Jewish Lobby!

These tactics are belonging to “middle -age’s”

and it is very disappointing that federal resources are used in such a way by these corrupt federal agents!

as I said… it seems that we have different definition of Democracy!

These decaying Demicratic Party with the “Omaba” tactics of abusive usage of federal resources by Federal Employees/  Public Servant…

is an ACT of Treason to USA and Democracy!



NSA’s/ FBI internet abuse…

with NSA’s / FBI abuse even on YELP reviews… there is NO credibility on any software platform!

these moorans are destroying the internet!

We are talking about mentaly retarted individuals… who manipulate all data accordingly!

there is no trust in any internet service at least here in California…

and if… they can do it in one state… they can do it everywhere!