this Calif FBI’s are part of a criminal organization… called Demicratic Party!


Mr Trump’s tweet 07/11/19:

3 hours ago

Dow just hit 27,000 for first time EVER!

who ever likes what is common good… has common sense!

These agents here use the technology provided to them against legitimate Citizens! Abusive usage of federal power is NOT aligned with the Constitution of USA… With Democracy and civilized society!

as said… here in Calif the FBI mentality/ Chief is criminal minded! Taping cars controller, which is considered murder attempt! against my self a Legitimate\ business man\ Contractor, and USA Citizen!

If these federal public servants have personal affairs with me…

we can resolve them in Court of Law…

Here in Calif I guess they don’t like 27000 points in Wall Street!!! because they wear Omaba Eyes!!!

That is why they lost in the first place… and that is why they going to loose in 2020!

these Dems… are humiliating them selfs….

when Human intelligence met the Demicratic… shallow-minded personnel…

decided to become an alien!!!