GTcomman Logo Trademark application


The only system that I trust here in USA is the Legal!

I believe that Mr Trump’s work has been to create a transparent procedures… because here in California it seems that FBI dictates all procedures according to their personal judgement…

This following issue is a personal business issue of my own… trying to comply with the legislation of copy writes and trade marks!

The key word “GTcomman” is my personal business filed name… IMG_5750

This is my pending procedure… the logo…


Is been used on my business cards, plus I want to print working T shirts with my logo!

Heather Dent wrote to me:

“HI George,


I would be happy to discuss this matter with you in more detail. 


Your application received its Notice of Allowance on May 7, 2019.  This means you must file your Statement of Use or request an extension of time to do so by no later than November 7, 2019.


If you are using your mark in commerce currently, or will be soon, our firm can assist with filing your Statement of Use and specimen showing use on your behalf.


Our fee for this service is $295.00 plus $100 USPTO Statement of Use Filing fee. 


Please let me know if you would like our firm to assist you or if you have any further questions in this matter.




Heather M. Dent, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Trademark Lawyer Law Firm, PLLC

Formerly Lee, Lee, & Associates, PLLC

3810 Packard Rd., Suite 220

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Direct Phone: 734-206-1150″

The only system that I trust here in USA is the Legal! Mr Trump… it seems that the federal procedures for Trade Marks…are problematic…




How Mr Soros… adds his money without the cross symbol on his calculator?

Because he can not press the cross + symbol… he calls the Pope to press it for him!!!!! hahahahahah

If this is SION…



For the passed two and half years I live in the Bay Area…

I started my own company… licensed Electrical construction…

Doing pretty good… have engaged with a German Fraulein and we live together…

Have only tried to perform good job… with many satisfied customers!

We pay our bills/ taxes…


For some reason I am being hunted/ watched by the FBI surveillance… EYE personnel … Under the Masonic command!!!! not the legitimate government!

For some reason they wanted me crippled… as I receive bullying with the same message!

This happens in the Demicratic/ High-techc State of California…with the abusive usage of surveillance power provided by the legitimate tax payers and USA Citizens like me!

The only reasonable explanation is that some Jew mafia Boss doesn’t like me!

I am honored that a “good electrician” is a threat to this Jew!

If this is SION…

then I clearly support all Those who are against these abusive/ undemocratic/ paralegal/ criminal organization. masonia/ sion!

It is a blessing that the majority of men kind are not Jew and have common sense!

I pledge all nations to unite against this plague … SION!

If the future is this abuse…

then a WAR against these fake demicratic/ criminal organization… undemocratic paralegal criminal organization… is the logical outcome!