my comments to Mr Fitton 01/06/20


“Forgive me for getting a little heated here…this is our country we’re talking about.” Comey was spying on

in order to try to destroy him. And Obama knew.


  • hence… when you spy to someone is for sure not for his good or well being… is to destroy him!
  • another conclusion is that he/she is an important person that is why the spying… he or she is doing something that fbi doesn’t want? like wining the elections…
  • so if mr Omaba still dictates FBI… to blackmail citizens and Presidents… then we are living in the darkest period of USA and democracy!
  • So FBI in its current form… dictates by “order” the spying… and that command is not serving USA! Hence FBI in its current form… performs treason to USA, to Constitution and COUP to democracy!