delete the junk “emails”…


Today I was deleting some junk emails in my gmail account…

I came up to some email from the DNC…

από: DNC Headquarters
ημερομηνία: 27 Φεβ 2020, 4:02 μ.μ.

Your Democratic Unity Fund supporter record.

I did the mistake to subscribe with them back in 2012… and the second one…

από: Barack Obama
ημερομηνία: 27 Φεβ 2020, 8:14 π.μ.
θέμα: My announcement regarding party unity
εστάλη από:
υπεγράφη από:
ασφάλεια:  Τυπική κρυπτογράφηση (TLS) Μάθετε περισσότερα

“This election will be more important than any in our lifetimes, and I say that having run for president twice. Every ounce of progress that you and I won together is on the line — from health care for all, to an economy that works for everyone, to a habitable planet for future generations.

All those reasons and more are why we must come together to elect a Democrat to the White House and win seats in every corner of our country — but none of that will be possible without a fully supported Democratic Unity Fund.”

Nothing good happened back in 2012-2016 to the world… only worst…

So I have decided to delete them…

but… the FBI “EYE” is watching my gmail account…. and all internet activity…

Thinking if I delete them… I will look bad to them?

From the other hand… I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE DEMICRATIC party…

the so called “OMABA clowns”…. these political personnel have finished their political life… and 2020 is completely different from 2016…

Should I delete the emails or should I start mock them as they mock me…

Should I humiliate the bad political personnel … ?





The Greek local moorans have to pay taxes, go to the army to serve etc..


The Greek immigration issue…

It is not about the poor majority of immigrants that left Syria….

Is about any one who is unhappy where he lives to try to come to a Greek island… being a terrorist, criminal, all!

for free!

and of course all the local moorans have to pay taxes, go to the army to serve etc…

It is about time to structure an immigration law that acts as a preface to citizenship similar to the US Green card! No free land or property whatsoever is given to nobody!

These immigrants can be recruited to serve in the army for 3 years and then the get the green card! and with this Green Card they can go everywhere in EU they want!

This type of approach will not divide the society and the feeling of injustice that is spread will be compensate

Otherwise every right resides with the Legal Greek Citizens and of course extreme “right” policies gain more and more power!

A friendly advice to all “fake” political Demicratic bulshiters…

The voting right …as in any democratic country…

resides with the LEGAL majority of the citizens! Politicians like Mr Kouroublis politically dead!

THE well known demIcratic Asylum… to the Omaba Dogs!

Donald J. Trump

Whatever happened to Hillary campaign manager Podesta’s BROTHER? Wasn’t he caught, forced to leave his firm, with BIG BAD things to happen? Why did nothing ever happen to him, only to the “other” side?

George Theoharis

It is THE well known demIcratic Asylum… to the Omaba Dogs!
Crimes, coup treason, murder, theft and so on ALL Unpunished!
In other words… USA is not a DEMOCRACY… these OMABA CLOWNS think that are above the LAW!!
They THINK that they can not loose…
when they are being HUMILIATED DAILY!