The Greek local moorans have to pay taxes, go to the army to serve etc..


The Greek immigration issue…

It is not about the poor majority of immigrants that left Syria….

Is about any one who is unhappy where he lives to try to come to a Greek island… being a terrorist, criminal, all!

for free!

and of course all the local moorans have to pay taxes, go to the army to serve etc…

It is about time to structure an immigration law that acts as a preface to citizenship similar to the US Green card! No free land or property whatsoever is given to nobody!

These immigrants can be recruited to serve in the army for 3 years and then the get the green card! and with this Green Card they can go everywhere in EU they want!

This type of approach will not divide the society and the feeling of injustice that is spread will be compensate

Otherwise every right resides with the Legal Greek Citizens and of course extreme “right” policies gain more and more power!

A friendly advice to all “fake” political Demicratic bulshiters…

The voting right …as in any democratic country…

resides with the LEGAL majority of the citizens! Politicians like Mr Kouroublis politically dead!