The election period is Officially ON!



The election period is Officially ON!

My comments to Mr Bloomberg’s tweet…

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Mr Mike… is convenient to create panic… the flue is a flue… The election period is officially ON… the “panic” on the markets by “natural disaster”…. is…
as the flue… it passes!
the essential is when you involve with public affairs… politics… t
he the future 2021 agenda on economics of USA and World…
the foreign affairs… the proposals for stability!
Mike Bloomberg

It’s clear you’re worried about running against me Donald — but how about worrying about something else today? Coronavirus is threatening Americans, and you’ve gutted our preparedness. Put down the phone and do your job.
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J. Trump
Mini Mike Bloomberg’s consultants and so-called “advisors”(how did that advice work out? Don’t ask!), are on the “gravy train” and all making a fortune for themselves pushing Mini hard, when they knew he never had what it takes. Don’t pay them anymore Mike, they led you down….
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