My comments to Dr Shiva’s tweet 04/0/20


Dr Shiva…

The “Father of Medicine” more than 2500 years ago said that the Doctor’s mission is only to heal and only! the rest are just high tech murderers!!!

I strongly believe that self immunity to this Bioweapon-artificial virus is the way! Hot water beverages, sunlight and swimming in the sea in the summer will help all of us to immune!

The House still is constitutional democracy and mass murder and treason are serious Crimes!!

Bioweapons used against civilians is a terror action against Men kind, Democracy, Constitution, USA and all the legal establishment of the world!

This coup is performed by a paralegal “mafia” that want to bring the global dictatorship! The New World Era!

They posses Bioweapons and they are willing to use them…

if these LUNATICS think that they can… against Citizens in a time of “Peace”!!!!!

These days we have FAKE NEWS, FAKE Doctors, Fake Pharmaceuticals…

In other words Dr Shiva only “FAKE” pharmaceutical companies can produce “ harmful” virus… in reality and legally are NOT Pharmaceutical! ie… all their products are not for medical usage!

With regards to Mr Fauci… he mislead the government and all of us…and misspent trillions of $$$!

VP Pence is accountable for this!