The Truth is…That Democracy is the Constitution!!!!


“Our constitution does not copy the laws of neighboring states; we are rather a pattern to others than imitators ourselves. Its administration favors the many instead of the few; this is why it is called a democracy.”

pericles the most famous speech of ALL TIMES!

I dont recall any Hebraic, Jew Statesmen/ Rabin of that time… that spoke about DEMOCRACY!
What is the Hebraic word for Democracy?
So when Periclis spoke about Imitators… imitating is a basic learning process… he was right!
in other words the Star of David… it is out of date and out shined by the SUN Periclis!
Hence the Jewish Flag is either out of date… or they are mislead!
Because… yesterday… today … and tomorrow Democracy and statesman will be… not Kings!

the truth... is

The Truth is… That Periclis made David the Jew a voter!
The Truth is… That Democracy became the pattern that others DID imitate!
The truth is… that WE have NO Kings!!!!
The truth is… that we write from left to right!
Pythagor Theorem is still True!
The Truth is…WHAT PERICLIS SAID 2500 years ago!
Now of course… The fake leftist are against the rule of law… ie against Democracy…
The Truth is … That Democracy is the Constitution!!!!
supported by shadows … to create what?
Only to create bad impressions… damaged property of hard working families… in order to achieve what? damage democracy?
the truth is that… behind this picture of people with masks…
hides the abuse of Democracy and our Civic rights! Some dark minded rich people wanted this to be our future…
but the truth is… that earth still rotates around itself and around the sun …
without their “blessings