My comments to Judicial Watch’s tweet




“Our election system will be swamped, the mails will be overwhelmed, we won’t know who won, and you’ll have Congress get involved/decide who won,”

. Watch more: #2020election #mailinballots #voting

My comments:

Only in UGANDA there is a fraud elections! and of course in California!

NO elections are decided in the Congress… that will result in a civil WAR!

In Greece for example… the Mother land of Democracy… No vote by mail is allowed!

Only in person and with your Police ID! and of course … with the presence…

of local District attorney and representatives of the parties witnessing the whole procedure!

But Of course in the Jewish high tech California only Fraud is allowed!

And the Fake Democratic Party which Humiliates the Political System that is Called Democracy does not agree on the Clarification of the Election Procedure!

Mr Trump should Mobilize the ARMY in every post Office warehouse/ designated building for the election…

and only authorized personnel should be present with both Political Parties representatives and the DA! All under the surveillance of cameras!