Mr Trump, Safeguarding democracy and constitution is Your Prime Task! Under oath!

What concede… They should quit while they are ahead! An avelange is coming!!!!!!
A Tsounami is comming !!!!
You can just sit tight and watch… With the New Year and you will see….
It is possible to accept forgery as legit?
This picture describes exactly the relationship of the current USA main steam media with the Truth and real news!!!!!!
It is impossible to accept fraud full voting by mail parody!
The good of the country resides with the application of the law!
And if they don’t comply with the audit once proven… Escalate to Def con five…
Forgery of elections is a Direct coup to Democracy, Constitution and USA!
It is a matter of National security once proven!!!! and nothing will stand in your way with all the people behind you!!!!
You can Deploy the national guard to safe guard the voting by mail fraud audit!!!!

Because when extreme ways comes… Supremacy is required!


Some monsters are using this covid to push their hidden agenda!

Fake elections, fraud full elections … voting by mail parody… that raised dead men to vote for Bidden!

fake unnecessary lock downs***

soon they are going to say that you need a bar-code…

a bacode embedded on a chip injected to you to travel…

Not to me… I am Immune to Covid naturally!

All this abuse in our freedoms due to a lab created virus who they created simulated and released…

and they are releasing it still through their “network” of “dogs”… targeting countries/ states that do not comply with their “Experts”.

….An “expert” is defined as a scientific person that implements their agenda! ie, a mentally retarded with politics Bio/medical science background person… not a doctor, because a doctor gives oath to Hippocrates!!!! ……

So according to these “expert” parrots… we should do this and that… ie, lock downs and wearing masks!…

In our days Medicine who by definition is to heal and only…

is used to restrain Democracy, economic activity, civic rights, manipulate elections and Governments!!!!!!!

But the huge majority of people are recovering from it naturally!!!!!

as I did!

And then they released covid in China…

After they released the riots… the anti fa pussy riots… all the insane paralegal cults there are under their Non profits… with legal support of course!!!!!Ð

They are afraid of Democracy…

It is Pericles who made your vote to count the same as David’s the Jew one’s!!!!!!!

And it was that extreme way that forced them to release covid in order to justify the voting by mail fraud!

Because with NO agenda, No leader… they had NO chance! with Legal elections… only with fraud full ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Democracy IS the LAW! Democracy is the Constitution, DEMOCRACY is THE HOUSE!

Because of democracy we have corporations, board members, markets, property, human rights, freedom of speech, civic rights, legal rights… Justice System and ALL THAT THE CONSTITUTION STANDS FOR!

Because Democracy is the Constitution… and Democracy is not a Banana Republic!!!!!! because the Constitution says other wise!

Extreme actions… extreme reactions!

It is a Natural low…

The rest is history… Coming soon to the Supreme court


As Greek I get very sensitive with Democracy it is within our culture our blood!


As Greek I get very sensitive with Democracy it is within our culture our blood!

Democracy has election’s integrity as a corner stone!

When the voting by mail fraud allowed official USA ballots, official USA documents …to be treated like garbage by some…

with Forgery in signatures so even Dead People to vote…

… It is means they want Garbage Democracy here in USA!

Dollar is another official Document of USA!

But As I said Democracy is Known to men KIND by the documents of Thoukididis!

In Greece Election day is Democracy’s celebration… we celebrate the fact that we go to vote as FREE men!!!!!!!!

So if you read some history you can understand that…

They want Garbage Democracy here in USA!

If here in USA you don’t know how to do unquestionable elections…

you can learn even from GREECE in what way elections are DONE properly!

The election Parody made in USA only damaged USA!

Not Democracy!

“Caesars Wife… is Democracy… who MUST LOOK and BE HONEST!”


Since when signature forgery is a legitimate way to get authorization?

This by itself can destroy all contracts signed all over USA!!!!

The legal expansions of this election parody can destroy completely USA!

There is no legitimacy of forgery!

There is NO legitimacy of fraud!

There is No legal reason why some state official deny the mailing ballot audit to verify the signatures?

If this forgery stays… there is NO legitimacy in any contract signed!

This audit can expand also to the software in place while counting the votes!

Similarly no software will be reliable in carrying any transactions of any kind if this software audit is not done!

Meaning the software that runs the election counting, and the software that runs withing the election machines!!!!

Elections process is who we are…

and with NO credibility in either written or electronically processes…

There can not be a Legitimate Government!

In other words Mr Bidden and Mrs Harris…

there is NO legitimacy YET for you to run this country!

To unifying against any Fraud that took place is NOT only a Legal/ Democratic right…  also gives Quality in Democracy!

And quality is measured in Audits!

“Caesars Wife… is Democracy… who MUST LOOK and BE HONEST!”

In your case there are serious shadows everywhere… and Mr Trump has every right to protest this election parody, as I have, as many others have…until proven wrong!

By denying the audit, denying the Republican eyes in your counting processes…

The rule that you are innocent until proven guilty does not apply… as didn’t apply to Mr Trump in The No Russian collusion…

because you admit your guilt by denying the audit!


Voting by mail it is a Fraud-full procedure!


as I said many times!

The voting by mail process has many “security: holes!

In this country only USA Citizens vote and Voter credentials must be check prior to voting!

With this election Made in USA parody…

millions of unsolicited ballots find their way to become “votes”!

This by it self threatens the Core foundation of this country and the core foundation of Democracy!

It is not about Republicans or Democrats is about Democracy…

and how we want the future to be!

Voting by mail it is a Fraud-full procedure!


In my opinion…


Mr Biddden rushed… to accept victory…


good politics is in favor of Election integrity!

Election integrity is the Corner Stone of democracy!

Voting by mail…

put a tombstone to Made in USA demicracy…

Bad politics destroy USA’s brand!

It is Bad Politics… to go against election integrity…

Unquestionable results give Victory!

I question your integrity and your’s Demi- party election results!



Was watching the news after the elections…

This… Made in USA elections… will result to Supreme court…

This is the End… of the current political system…(Omaba Clowns)

they stack in the well known Swamp…

If this trial starts… it will take months many…

Until new year… same personnel… same government in personnel, but weaker in decision!

due to the Trial!

…Personally let them fight…

No new law or decision will be made… no legitimacy!

Economic stability… is the result!

which suits all my interests!

The possibility of New elections without voting by mail… is the only way to have legitimacy!

If Trial reaches…

a new Rhapsody/ ΕΠΟΣ… will be written!