“Caesars Wife… is Democracy… who MUST LOOK and BE HONEST!”


Since when signature forgery is a legitimate way to get authorization?

This by itself can destroy all contracts signed all over USA!!!!

The legal expansions of this election parody can destroy completely USA!

There is no legitimacy of forgery!

There is NO legitimacy of fraud!

There is No legal reason why some state official deny the mailing ballot audit to verify the signatures?

If this forgery stays… there is NO legitimacy in any contract signed!

This audit can expand also to the software in place while counting the votes!

Similarly no software will be reliable in carrying any transactions of any kind if this software audit is not done!

Meaning the software that runs the election counting, and the software that runs withing the election machines!!!!

Elections process is who we are…

and with NO credibility in either written or electronically processes…

There can not be a Legitimate Government!

In other words Mr Bidden and Mrs Harris…

there is NO legitimacy YET for you to run this country!

To unifying against any Fraud that took place is NOT only a Legal/ Democratic right…  also gives Quality in Democracy!

And quality is measured in Audits!

“Caesars Wife… is Democracy… who MUST LOOK and BE HONEST!”

In your case there are serious shadows everywhere… and Mr Trump has every right to protest this election parody, as I have, as many others have…until proven wrong!

By denying the audit, denying the Republican eyes in your counting processes…

The rule that you are innocent until proven guilty does not apply… as didn’t apply to Mr Trump in The No Russian collusion…

because you admit your guilt by denying the audit!