Mr Trump, Safeguarding democracy and constitution is Your Prime Task! Under oath!

What concede… They should quit while they are ahead! An avelange is coming!!!!!!
A Tsounami is comming !!!!
You can just sit tight and watch… With the New Year and you will see….
It is possible to accept forgery as legit?
This picture describes exactly the relationship of the current USA main steam media with the Truth and real news!!!!!!
It is impossible to accept fraud full voting by mail parody!
The good of the country resides with the application of the law!
And if they don’t comply with the audit once proven… Escalate to Def con five…
Forgery of elections is a Direct coup to Democracy, Constitution and USA!
It is a matter of National security once proven!!!! and nothing will stand in your way with all the people behind you!!!!
You can Deploy the national guard to safe guard the voting by mail fraud audit!!!!