USA is NOT a Democracy any more!!!!


it is NOT about Fake Demicrats and Republicans…

election’s integrity is about Democracy!

To Mr Bidden I give a Banana Chichi ta…

He and his Party have only won in Virtual Numbers cooked and manipulated!

Someone can take Power in many ways…

including election FRAUD, ARMY deployment… both are NOT democracies are Regimes!

So Mr Bidden is NOT leading any Republic/ Democracy …

USA is NOT a Democracy any more!!!!

USA has NO LEGAL SYSTEM any more!

USA has NO Police any more!

There IS NO valid Constitution in USA!

And Above ALL after legitimizing identity and signature forgery with the mailing fraud ballots as valid votes…

There ARE NO USA CITIZENS nor any Legal rights!


This… IS a matter of Human Civilization!



Rolling on the floor laughing

Rolling on the floor laughing

Rolling on the floor laughing

Rolling on the floor laughing

… smile is the Candid cameraaaa

these people are just ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are still public servants??????

but… these public servants executed commands…

so all the hierarchy of this sector is a JOKE! They ARE A JOKE!

Humiliating any sense of….

Human self respect, dignity, integrity, transparency!

They must belong to the animal kingdom!!!!!!

Me as an Electrician must comply to all safety regulations there IS… Cal OSHA, National Electrical Code NEC etc!!!!

These public servants under…

WHICH procedure they operate like “Monkeys”?


is becoming a reality to the Animal Kingdom!

It required… 50.000 years of Human History!!!

But… these “Monkeys” where well prepared…

some other… “monkeys”… prepared the suitcases containing USA “Official” ballots, already singed and filled accordingly!

All this… inside a Public building!

Organized “monkeys”… these days!