My comments to Mr Bidden’s tweet 01/03/2021

Joe Biden

Here’s my promise to you: I’ll be a president for all Americans. Whether you voted for me or not, I’ll wake up every single morning and work to make your life better.

Replying to

it is kind of you…
but USA is still a democracy and Election’s Fraud at that scale is a Treason to USA’s people and constitution!
You need to agree to investigate the Fraud accusations!
You and your party are Called Democrats, and election’s Integrity is the corner stone of Democracy!
There is NO Politics without Democracy!
And The shadows of election’s Fraud must be addressed!
I can not accept as a USA Citizen that lesser men/ nations have conspired against the USA People to steal the Country!
USA was and still remains a Democracy with a Legal National Entity, and a FLAG!
It is your Democratic duty to Preserve the USA Constitution and Democracy!
Otherwise you represent a Tyranny/ Regime that by fraud stole the Country!
In other words you and your allies performed a Coup…
and IF you don’t agree to Investigate the Fraud accusations/facts  on such an extreme important aspect as the Election’s integrity…
it is like USA has NO legal System! It is like USA has NO valid Constitution, NO valid Legit Government!
NO legitimacy to your claim!…
There is NO legitimacy to your claim as the election Process/ election results are NOT Unquestionable!
until you Investigate all the “Irregularities” fraud conducts that took place!