The only common thing between this mRNA treatment and vaccine …is the injection!


The only common thing between this mRNA treatment and any vaccine …is the injection!

and…NOT all injections are vaccines… and of course Not mRNA treatments!

Vaccines trigger the dynamic self healing/ immune system!!!! This mRNA treatment modifies with garbage the genes… And by passes the the immune system!

Vaccines produce antibodies…. By injecting a week version of the threat…

in addition to this… there is NO Prognosis… no previous..Accumulated experience!

This is a mass scale experiment… illegally performed and illegally mandated!

This is the BIGGEST crime against MEN KIND in the written History of the Globe!

with unknown SIDE effects to the human body!

I do not trust no one who wants to mandate an experimental treatment… An mRNA treatment… as this resides outside the scope of Medicine!

When there are real vaccines out in the market, treatments, remedies

Of course some people play bad politics with our health… To monopolize Profit!

The strange thing about this … Covid… Is that the big majority of the population have recovered from it without any treatment!!!

So basically they don’t need the mRNA treatment, nor the vaccine!

And the big Paradox… Is that those who received both the injections of the mRNA treatment and survived…

Still transmit it…

And still they can suffer from it…

And as a Greek doctor said… Bacteria infect the lungs… As the immune system weakens… Not the virus!!!

legal actions must take place against… this covid fake vaccine Monopoly!