my comments to Senator’s Paul tweet: “Looking forward to tomorrow’s hearing, Dr. Fauci!” 05/10/2021


“Looking forward to tomorrow’s hearing, Dr. Fauci!”

Because above all we are civilized ” extremists” of Democracy and the rule of law

What is extreme Dr Fauci???

The experimental mandate of mRNA treatment and vaccine as you call it.. which cripples potentially the immune system and sterilize a whole generation…

Or to say that you Mr Fauci are a criminal?

And of course not only you… The corrupt CDC/ FDA/ WHO / pharmaceutical industry are included in this Crime against MEN KIND… in your agenda is called depopulation of MEN kind!

Who by definition are to serve our Health since all OF you are funded by USA tax payer’s money!!!!

or you are NOT… belong to the Public Servants!!!!

i.e. to Serve the Public/ republic/ democracy/ USA!

and not to create/ release bio-weapons to civilians./ PUBLIC.. because this is a BIO-Terrorist actions!

A ridiculous creature/ “Dork” like you should be imprisoned with a fair trial of course!

Because above all we are civilized ” extremists” of Democracy and the rule of law

My comments to… Nick-Fuentes-vs-the-american-regime at Gab TV


just a correction….your title should be:

The american Regime vs DEMOCRACY…because you Are NOT alone!

As precisely you said… we all are under attack by a group of California/ NY tycoons…

our health is attacked by a virus these monsters created… for them to make more money?

What about the NSA/CIA/FBI comments you made! In my personal experience absolute SPOT ON!

Personally i am being watched by the “EYE” (NSA/CIA/FBI) 24/7… the abuse of power of these public? AGENCIES against A LEGITIMATE hard working/ family man and Tax payer like myself is unprecedented!

Poisoning/ murder attempts, orchestrated by the FBI/CIA/NSA… because I said that the Election FRAUD/ forgery that took place humiliates Democracy! and that this is an UN democratic REGIME that you correctly stated!

There are concerns even from within about the stability of their System… words from the USA Chief of Armed forces…

he is concerned about the evolution of some defense systems could change the status quo…

my comments:

it is not only the new technologies in the defense industry…
The global instability is caused by the Decaying Jewish elite and the use of bio weapons/ bio fear like corona/ mRNA vaccines!…

By the way Covid virus has a patent registered with a big surname...

something like “Rockefer foundation“…

Some very sick minded individuals put their profit above the mash murder of the population… de population!

“Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay explained:

“We can not give these vaccines to our children who according to statistics have a chance of dying from COVID-19 of the order of 0.002%, if they become infected with the virus or in the population that is in the age of fertilization without first having thoroughly examined the theme.

“This could potentially lead to the sterilization of an entire generation,

Regarding the immune system, Janci Chunn Lindsay stated:

“It is clear that we are seeing an immune decline immediately after vaccination and there are immunosuppressive regions in the protein spikes, as well as Syn-2, which may be causing it, through a T-cell mediating mechanism.

“If we do not stop this vaccination campaign until these issues are investigated, we may see a phenomenon as we see in birds with Marek’s disease.”

The sad thing is that the security forces of USA/ majority of the world pretend as they do not see/ hear anything… foully aligned with their insanity… that is Called New World Era!…

the paralegal American Regime… as you mentioned… is this

Unfortunately for them… The people of USA/ WORLD know their plans… their names…

and of course there will not be any election fraud after the Bidden’s at least in USA!!!!
Individuals are stepping up against their insanity…In Spain, in Italy, In Russia, In Hungary, In USA… etc…
and there is NO NEW WORLD ERA without USA/ RUSSIA/ CHINA… is there?

so I rephrase your title… LEGAL ORDER/ DEMOCRACY vs The American paralegal REGIME!