The Masonic Brotherhood of ORKS…


These days you are a masonic “Brother” if you are injected with this mRNA shit for Jewish/ paramedical/ Mosad garbage!

These days… especially here in California you are a “brother” if you support the corrupt Demicratic/ Jock of a political party/ para legal Cult!

These days… In California a Demicratic State…for example… my partner had applied for her divorce… her Ex have signed everything… but geuss what…

the Courts here in California they do not process the paperwork/ decisions!

The lazy Public Servants they do NOT perform their JOB that they are paid for…

and if you complain… you are not a Masonic ORK!

You are a legitimate tax payer who DEMANDS JUSTICE against THIS ABUSE!

They use the Covid excuses as they are using the ‘Racists” excuses abusively! BLM/ ANTIFA SATANISTS shitwhole!

These fake liberals as they are fraud Democrats… are just Satanists… Master and ORKS… ie DORKS!

…and in my case after all these poisoning attempts to cripple me… we are talking people walk inside my apartment while we both are away… with the assistance/ coordination of the NSA/FBI who has access to all private cameras/ cloud technology… as masonic ORKS that they are… swapping my drinks COKE/ beer with tampered ones…

Tampered not with Vitamins… but with poison/ toxins… to cripple … in my case….

In other words NSA/ FBI coordinate murder attempts to USA citizens! Without any justifications… because the Chief NSA/BAboon who no one legally controls him/ her decided!

because this was decided by the Californians Jewish bosses… it suits the Jewish piece of shit… to distribute poisons in a can of COKE or in a Bottle of beer to poison everybody they like!

The same with the legitimate weed… LEGAL marijuana… you buy it… you pay the TAXES increrased to the California State… and these masonic/ ORKS give you marijuana with LETHAL tampering!!!!!

Similarly with the vaccines… these Jewish piece of shits… decided… because it suits them to eliminate the population of MEN kind on planet earth…to mandate the zombie treatment to ALL!

Illegally they tried to mandate an experimental mRNA treatment against a flue like virus…

All the loyal ORKS/ masonic dogs got vaccinated!

All Jews in Israel got vaccinated… but I bet they had a “Different” quality of treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many still… like myself…. have NOT! Personnaly I do NOT take any medication what so ever! Homeopathic Ancient Greek STYLE!

But still they are in a mess… for ONE reason… Science/ Medicine is NOT a JEWISH Property!!!!!!!!!!

As I said… NO TRUST to ANY Jewish Piece of SHIT… NO TRUST to any MASONIC ORK, NO TRUST to any SATANISTIC piece of SHIT!

Me I am 46 years old… I do not understand Hebraic shit… and of course I am NO ORK/ masonic dog!

And personally I am an Electrician… a hard working man and legitimate TAX payer of USA!

I had, social network profiles… deleted them… the abuse and bullying is everywhere!

The question that arises…

If these masonic/orks do this criminal actions to a single person…to ALL of US…. Then what these criminal minds can do to the WHOLE World?


There is always a chance!!!!!