Spot on Mr Rand Paul!


I have to agree with Senator Rand Paul statement about WHO:

Mr Senator again spot on the subject! The beginning was with the election fraud…by voting by mail… COVID PANDEMIC…

and the “end-game” transition of such powers to WHO via a new lab created pandemic…

So the CIA/ USA GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CHECK….But Russia has urged the WHO leadership to investigate U.S.-funded Nigerian laboratories in Abuja, dice and Lagos .

At least four U.S.-controlled bioworkers operate in Nigeria, where monkey pox originated.

This was announced on Friday by the head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection (RCBZ) troops of the Armed Forces of Russia Igor Kirillov.

He recalled that, according to a report by the World Health Organization (who), the West African strain of Monkey Pox was imported from Nigeria, where the United States has placed its biological infrastructure.

and Their ”end-game” .. transition of such powers to WHO via a new pandemic…

and at the same time destroying/ humiliating any Democratic system with their organized election fraud!

and destroying ones immune system and reproduction capabilities by “B”accinations!

Just today I watched the 2000+ MULES documentary.. So we DO HAVE ELECTION FRAUD FACTS THAT CHANGED THE ELECTION’s outcome!

In other words Mr Biden’s Admin Has NO Legitimacy! or Mr Biden’s admin is Illegitimate if you prefer!


As they know… we know… and of course we will make-sure that our civilization, our Democracy and the Rule of LAW PREVAILS!

By the way… We still have a valid Constitution and a legal system… and above all we still have Democracy!