Because you forgot Who You are … and the Risks are to Great!


Mr Mitsotakis,
Partially Good speech… as your agenda is partially implemented!

It is a mistake to declare War against Russia… …
Greece Historically has NEVER DONE THAT!
Greece has Strong Relations with China And Russia As Well the EU and Of course USA!

Instead of bringing them together.. In Greece… YOU ALIGN WITH THE GREAT RESET INSANITY!
And to prove that… Your Covid Mandate Abusive and “Unhealthy” and above ALL UNDEMOCRATIC! policy!

Because you forgot Who You are in the process…
I Do Not See Your Re-election! mainly because of your realistic War Rhetoric! 
Because Legally Ukraine is Not EU nor Nato!

If Ukraine was EU or Nato then ok… But Realistically is NOT! Maybe you Know Mr Zelensky from the EU COMMISSION… ?

Mr Zelensky is a political Garbage of Ukraine Trush TV! With open Neo Nazies connections!

Since When We need To Fight and Even Risk such a huge Energy disturbance accross Europe and Even WW3 Nuclear?

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