the real agenda… or the Politics of the as… hole!


energy… future energy model… the current “democratic” fraud/ scam/ forgery, the well known voting by mail/ scam/ coup… the lack/ NO LEGITIMACY… of the current admin… the covid injections and the side effects…

Politics are the affairs of the “Polis”… the State’s! There are more serious problems on the world currently… on going War in Ukraine… Energy Crisis in EU… inflation… border crisis…

ones sexuality is bad politics! No ONE cares how he/ she expresses it! When it becomes a “PUBLIC” affair… Just denotes the rotten state that currently USA has become!…

a @democraticParody with BAD “Politics” .. of the… as … hole!… +1… tooo many!


Sure… some lunatics… economists …

ON the “assumption” “Energy’s scarcity”

“They” have +1 … to many!


… think they can murder us… Because according to the exonomists oil run s out! at some point… But alternative energy… electricity… lowest entropy… already is taking “load”!…

… when actually the problem is how to harvest the vast available energy…

IF: the bill shitters economists and bankers… designed that theory decades ago…

as in any economic “theory” it lacks “REALITY”! .. … Basically in order to depopulate the planet…

you need to have AND the USA’s Presidante… and congress… and senate… and FBI/ CISA//NSA!

… and “they” DO NOT!

ALSO this is called POLITICS!!!

How “they” will convince to volunteer murder our selves?

Because “BAD POLITICS” is their agenda!

Written by lunatics and supported by insanity and election fraud by voting by mail identity scam


In conclusion… NO … minimal… election FRAUD… NO CHANCE TO THEIR lunacy AGENDA

to: PEGASUS Espionage Committee


Because Espionage abuse does not take place only at the State Officials only…

and since all my devices are PEGASUS tampered…

It is annoying to have them “listen” … but it is also a constant theft! You want to tamper my phone… No problem…

it will cost you $200/ hour/ device! Because my Phones… my devices my business!


PEGASUS Espionage Committee: Federal representative fails to attend hearing.

The spy software “Pegasus” can access all data from mobile phones unnoticed, read messages and activate microphone or camera remotely without the person concerned noticing anything.  

It is considered one of the most powerful cyber weapons ever developed. The worldwide victims include several members of the EU Parliament, employees of the EU Commission and numerous members of the opposition and lawyers from EU member states.

According to the Israeli manufacturer NSO, it only sells the product to state authorities such as the police, secret services or the military.

In order to clarify how it could happen that this software was also used against members of the EU Parliament and the EU Commission, and who is responsible for this, the special committee PEGA was founded in the EU Parliament in April 2022, which I am a member of full member.

From the outset, this committee was ill-fated. Sometimes the internet suddenly went down, speakers suddenly flew out of the video live switch, government agencies balked at passing on information or simply played dumb.

Earlier this week, the Vice President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Martina Link, was invited to a hearing before the committee. But Ms. Link did not show up for the appointment. The reason for your absence is still unknown. Even the chairman of the committee was surprised at this audacity and remarked that even he did not know whether the vice-president of the BKA – who had been invited 3 times – was simply unable to attend or whether the Federal Ministry of the Interior had forbidden her to attend.

So let’s hold on:


 A powerful spy software, which according to the manufacturer is only sold to state authorities to support the fight against terrorism and crime, is suddenly also being used within the EU against politicians and opposition figures, among others.


 According to the manufacturer, Germany belongs to a group of 60 customers from 45 countries (14 of which are EU countries).


 In 2021 it became known that both the Federal Criminal Police Office and the German foreign secret service BND were using a variant of the Pegasus software.


 On November 14th, 2022, a hearing of the EU special committee PEGA with a focus on Germany took place.  
7Despite being invited three times, the Vice President of the Federal Criminal Police Office does not appear before the committee.  

This process is kept secret in the official documentation of the EU Parliament. Only in a video recording of the session is there a hint at the very end.

My question:

What should an average person think of that?  

What conclusion could be reached by connecting the already known facts with the conjectures in the air?  

Do you then run the risk of being branded as an alleged conspiracy theorist by opinion controllers and so-called “fact checkers”?

Greetings to you,
Yours Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

They serve a very bad “agenda”!


Mr Rand Paul…

“Biden wanted a Ministry of Truth to regulate Americans speech. Now he suggests the federal government investigate

@elonmusk for allowing free speech?”


Mr Bidden Is in a very difficult position inside the US and outside! He took back, Built back better, Baccina mandate in private sector, the ministry of “Truth”…


… was the worst of All!


… again in twitter, he will take it back!

It is simple they have lost the information War of propaganda!

They serve a very bad “agenda”!

and… In times of “BAD POLITICS”… where POLITICS= the affairs of the “POLIS” … public affairs…

with All his high end support… he could not push the Crucial parts of his agenda!

and today from an even worst position… congress flew away…

He must change agenda…



And Mr Trump… The New Speaker!


The “death Spiral” of the @DemoRatic party is turning… NO FUTURE there!

They are on a “coma” with life supporting “machinery” the election counting machines!


That would be Interesting…

Mr Trump the New Speaker of the House!

what happened… to the election…

fraud/ counting “machine” system operated again overnight!

compensated part of the defeat…

One conclusion… from Worst position they are forced again… pledging for… “Ambesty” 

and a second conclusion… the @DemoRatic Party is… in the “death bed”… waiting to die!