To many Clouds… thunder storm 🌩 is coming…


Mr Jim…

the timing is Good to address the…

“Digital Marketing” Scam!

In USA’s Legal System, Corporations are “Democracy’s” children! They must comply with the CONSTITUTION and active REGULATIONs! It is time to standardize/ regulate the AI/ Clouds and hand held mobile devices!

there are serious @loop holes with regards to “Digital Marketing” that MUST BE ADDRESSED!

is the ROLE OF THE FBI/ NSA????

to boycott/ Manipulate on “demand any “Company’s Digital Marketing Advertising” or Customer communications using Illegal Software. Their illegal and abusive Interaction on daily business active Is Not Counter Terrorism!

Is FBI/ NSA a business entity …?

No…it is A Direct Coup against USA

When there are … Many Clouds… ThunderstormIS Coming! And Since in EU already are dealing with the illegal “Surveillance” SCANDAL…


… It is GOOD TIMING … to start this “regulations” from NEW Year!

Either way … 🌩 Thunderstorm is coming!