2023 Wishes… and a Saxo bank curse!


The Great Reset agenda and the corruption of the EU among with the extremely Bad Strategy has caused huge reactions Globally and the collapse of this Insanity! 
The dying dream of the Unipolar New world Era is ashes! The same will be Ukraine! 
The Political changes… America First/ MAGA already put a break on these talks! Now they try to pass 1.7 T $ bill “overnight” before the New elected Congress… 
yes The World is Not the Same… economically due to the political “correction ” in USA… all this “Economic madness” will evaporate!
Rationalization of the political system… and cleaning/ Catharsis is coming!
Either way USA is heading for pre election period… With America First the leading agenda!
Interesting times indeed…

of course some banks have other Economic predictions …

Saxo Bank: War Economy… WW3… cancellation of the meat production… in EU?… In USA…? For 2023… and then they wonder why the whole World Runs Against them!