Mr Dinesh: The title Should be: Biden in DEEP SHIT!


Mr Biden and Mr Antony…

fount them selves in…Deep Shit!

And What DEEP SHIT … that is!

And not only about the Documents…

The DEEP SHIT… has to do with the Global Condition… in Only Just TWO YEARS!!!…

The World is in THE EDGE OF WWIII

even the Dollar is disputed!

The Classified documents Are Just the Icing on the Iceberg… still floating… while melting!

Now is floating in DEEP SHIT… the Temperatures are 87 F’ close to body temperature!



Mr Harari of the WEF said: “Christ is a Lie”


“Ο Γιούβαλ Χαράρι είναι ο άνθρωπος ο οποίος είπε πως «Ο Χριστός είναι ένα ψέμα» (χαρακτήρισε μάλιστα όλη την Ιστορία Του ως «fake news»).”

He Also called the Whole story about Christ, ie: the Bible and the New Testimony as Fake NEWS!

It would be nice to Hear what the Christian Church has to say about this, I will Inform even the Pope.

Mr Harari and Of course many Jews behind him say that Christ is a lie!

So according to these people The Holy Bible is a lie… or Just the New Testimony?
Because: If was Not for Christ and the New Testimony…
NO ONE WOULD KNEW The OLD TESTIMONY… the Hebrew tails/ wisdom/ history.
From what I know the New Testimony is Proven Historically… I DO NOT KNOW About THE Old Testimony… it lacks Historic prove!
So Yes History is Dangerous for Mr. Harari!
I guess Only with the Christ’s Second coming…
even Uneducated Jews Like Mr. Harari will learn to respect History.

Now this “Harari Person” attacks History/ parts of History that he and this WEF do not like!

Now History as Well is Dangerous!!!!

Γιούβαλ Χαράρι: «Η Ιστορία είναι επικίνδυνη και γι΄αυτό όταν χρειάζεται απαγορεύεται να διδαχθεί»! –

History and Historic Facts are there to teach us! Educate US!
These days some UNeducated and UNhistoric wish to dictate what is and what is Not!

My answer:
As Science is not a Jewish property…never was and Never Will!
as Medicine as well…
History as well is Not a Jewish property!
We can Only Learn…
As we learn mathematics we learn physics and the laws of the Universe!
With History we can learn!
Example: In WWIi the Nazies “Baked” jews in their ovens! It is a Historic fact that all Men Kind became wiser from it! But according to Mr Harari
this Historic Fact never took place…?

Another Example: 2500 years ago the ancient Greeks where saying that the stars in the sky are spheres that rotating…. After 2500 years we can say that is true… or according to Mr Harari planet Earth is not a sphere and is Not Rotating?
As I say the Jewish/ Harari Bullshit has its Limits… or asymmetrically reaches infinity?

Another Example: Who invented the Induction
motor? I ll give you a hint… was Not a Jew…
Nicholas Tesla! A Serbian American!
Another Example Pythagoras the ancient Greek mathematician invented the Pythagor Theorem…
Is Pythagoras Still True Today? Or Mr Harari can evolve Pythagor Theorem with the available technology that was NOT invented by a Jew?
Can some one Imagine what was the Educational/ society level of the people 2500 years ago… when Pythagor wrote his theorem?

Another Example of how insane this WEF has
become to have such uneducated and unhistoric people express public opinion about matters that exceeds Them!
Our Civilization today is an accumulation of knowledge that we HISTORICALLY learned In All Fields!

And ALL this is Not writteN IN hebrew Mr Harari!
You learned it after you learned the Alphabet!

What a Business @Practices


what a business practices!

We create/engineer the potential pantemic… potential “market” … and of course use our “network” ti push fir “mandate treatment”… Monopoly only for few! The only thing they neglected is that they are manufacturing new “pandemics”…

new variants… And these “business” practices are represented in the WHO and of course at the WEF! No wonder the world is at WAR! and if you say something about their

@business practices … a drug cartel… you are “antivaccer” or an activist of one sort!

and of course Our Health in No ones monopoly!

Medicine Protects our health!

and if this gene treatment they call illegally vaccine was “working” means help our health…

i would say that is at least healthy!

But instead is the

@bioweapon/ POTENTIALLY mark of the Beast! Engineered to Destroy


Good think is that many bodies/ immune systems rejected their injections… and of course many with None!

for a “fight” for servailance/ sensoring/ baccine mandata/ !



with divided public opinion within USA…
even for the Whole Ukrainian War…
Ukraine was and still… Not a member to NATO!
With All this @confidentiality FBI drama…

Is not wise to comit full scale for a “fight” for servailance/ sensoring/ baccine mandata/ !
Election By mail scam and the January 6 joke for USA!

and Yes People Do have still memory…

this type of dogmatism..
lead us to this mess in the first place!

Some ones …soros… End Game…
Is Not The Worlds as well!

It is the End Game of the “Great Reset” Lunacy!

He has past 90s… and yes the World Is Not the Same!
and I should Expect some wisdom from Mr Biden! More careful wording!
War is Not a football match and the Whole Planet is at stake! When can be a Compromise… and talks!

Mr Putin will escalate as well… and the death spiral is turning faster!

Me… I say…

There is Future after all this Lunacy!

And that future is tomorrow… today

A bright one!

As the Spiral turns…


As It goes…

This WEF Do NOT REPRESENT Any Public Establishment!

Just their Own Private Interests!

WWWIII … against this Lunacy is coming…

and still this Drug Cartel Insists to its madeness…
And is not calculated not even by these economists!
Since there is No will to Compromise the situation…
No real dialogue!

It is the death spiral phenomenon!

Which turns and turns…

With this “World Joke for Economic forum” and these Insane Ideas,

Against All Legitimacy and with Elections fraud their Only Way…

and with the whole paramedical experimental treatment… ie:

A Drug Cartel!

In order to peacefully do that we need to have a World!

And unfortunately due to these insane Ideas/ mandate… bio fear/ bioterror…

More Drastic approach is required!

Legitimacy and elections integrity is the answer! But before that… I am afraid that these WEF lunatics will release New pandemic to desperately try to manipulate once more the Elections!

To Spread bio fear and voting by mail scam!

You can safely conclude that by Mr Blair’s speech at WEF!

That Certain biotech companies want to make money!

Like a Drug cartel!

And yes the world has the means to Evaporate these companies and criminal business practices!

To the open ongoing Front:

The Death spiral is turning…

Against All these mess that was created the past Two years!!!

Rationalizing the Political scene is Required to Avoid the Worst!

Real Negotiations must take place!

No to Dogmatic Lunatics!

Mr Netaniahou:


This Baboon learned Physics and English…
He will Also learn about GOD! 

Mr Netaniahou,
We are living in a very strange period indeed!
People like Mr Harari pollute the World with Artificial Insanity and the Great Reset failed Experiment! 
Privilege insane people like this Harari Character who want to redefine Even God!
Israel is under attack by these Ideas!

Legal Actions Must Take Place Against this!
And for this Paralegal Global Terrorist… Mr Harari.
There is No Forgiveness! 
Godly LAW And Order Mr Hariri!

The Expired News from the WEF:


In reality this WEF Madness for agenda…

to utilized the covid “pandemic”

which brought the election fraud by the voting by mail scam

to bring/ mandate the experimental gene injections…

to bring inflation and World WaR III!

If we do not change this course there Will be No environment to Save!

There will be No World!

Just Ashes!

Because in the last year we experienced these “Western Economic Sanctions” Reaction!

And Yes there is a Massive Huge Reaction that gains momentum daily!

And yes if worst comes… Poseidon will be realized!

So Yes…

I Do not support this Outdated Lunacy of the WEF suggested agenda!

And There is no alternative agenda Here in USA! The lunacy to bankrupt USA in order for some banks to Rule proved:

to be Dangerous for the world!

Unhealthy for the majority of us, Undemocratic and created Huge Reactions Globally!

And above All ILLEGAL!

Mr Al Gore/Keri and the rest are old Bad EXPIRED POLITICIANS AND News!

The MAGA/ America first agenda is

The Republican / Democratic FUTURE here in USA!



In USA the “Bidens” and the Omaba Clowns are afraid…

They are afraid that inspite complying fully with SATAN’s (Hebraw/ Israel/ WEF) agenda

and with full support from “RA”… the ancient Egyptian God… they are exposed!

The new congress initiated the obvious:

To investigate the Deep Corrupt… RA

The Biden and Omaba Clowns are in Panic mode as his “Classified” docs will be exposed to the light.

The Demicratic Party in full collapse!

with Camala for their rescue… Gravity is Ruthless!

The Bioweapons … mRNA gene treatment illegally they call “vaccines” are creating “Sudden Deaths” even of Athletes… dropping like a sack of potatos!

The Elephants are marching to take FULL Power IN USA against the “will of WEF/ RA” and ALL these “baboons” are looking to hide…

to hide where?

We destroyed once “RA” we will destroy “RA” again!

Mr. Swamp introduces the “global Dictatorship” dream as an Angel of Death…

And Ursula … the EU Commissionaire… gets signing Bonus by Selling Experimental Gene Zombie Treatment as Medical/ Healthy “jabs”!

The ZOMBIE Apocalypse and those with the mark of the beast… and the Seven Angels of Revelation are with us today… ready to perform their divine work.

The NATO Defeat In Ukraine Brings closer the Great Nuke Party…

All This mess created by the WEF and their Great Reset agenda! A looosing Agenda… Capable of Bringing down the Hebrews!

Mr Soros attacks Elon…

I remind you that the Hebrews last year had Mr Soros/ Alexander as their future “King” version 1…

I remind you that the Hebrews LAST year made Jesus Christ Black… with Omaba Clown to the Role of The Second Coming of Christ!… version 2

BUT all these LAST YEAR….

This Year…

The Hebrews are Not The Chosen Ones…

Rather a Synagogue of Satan!

I remind you ALL that the Hebrews and their “insanity for a God… RA” are pushed back and about to crash like Domino!

So as they looose in Ukraine…

because this War Was Lost from the Beginning for the Hebrews…

As they looose in USA’s “Politics”

and with Mr Trump, the Elephants including myself, and the Rest American First/ MAGA movement… marching to Save USA/ World from the Nucs… and Rationalizing USA’s Politics

Compromising The National Health is A matter of National Security in USA…

Compromising USA’s Republic/ Democracy is a Mater of National Security…

Voting by mail fraud/ scam Compromises National security!

The good News: Bitcoin!!!!

The Good News: the New Congress!!!

The Good News Christ is Coming!

The Good news… The Hebrews are Not The Chosen Ones!

And in Ancient Egyptian terminology…if you prefer…

The Hebrews After All they where the ancient Egyptian Slaves… Not The Pharaohs!

I am… NOT A FAN of The Great Reset Stupidity!


Donald J Trump@realdonaldtrump


All Republican Governors should immediately begin the process of ENDING MAIL IN BALLOTS (which are fraught with corruption, and always will be!) EXCEPT FOR FAR AWAY MILITARY AND PEOPLE WITH A PROVEN ILLNESS, GETTING VOTER I.D. AND SAME DAY VOTING WITH ALL PAPER BALLOTS. This effort should be all out and start immediately. Governors have the power and authority to do this. GET IT DONE, or we will never have honest elections in our Country again!

And pretty soon no country as Well! If No action is to take place about this fraudulent voting by mail scam! 
With NO spending control…
As We see in the Global terrain… there is a Vacuum of power that created imbalance… and resulted in reduced influence!!!
Also resulted in the Ukrainian conflict with Global consequences on the Energy Global Ecosystem! 

Maybe the mighty and powerful WEF has deferent opinion about the value of election’s integrity… but this is a NATIONAL USA’s Affair! 
And this mess that They created put in jeopardy the Whole $ System Globally! 

And if I am to be bullied for criticism and criticising the “Political” Evolutions… by the “Blind” let them bully! I can take it!

At the End of The Day…
If they destroy USA… there will be No where to hide for them! 
So the “Political” Stupidity of the Corrupt Unlimited Spending… and undemocratic processes Is Just Bad self destructive Strategy! 
And The Balance in the Whole Insanity comes with Clean Processes!

And their … WEF problem… is that By destroying $ They will guide everyone to Ether/ Dodge crypto… and control the Gold! Old Fashion Banking Control…
BUT… huge BUT:
Ethereum Looses trust and ground…
The results of these “Economic?” sanctions damaged more EU/UK/USA than the Intended…
Plus created a miss Trust… NO TRUST… To Many Including Arab/ Indian/ China/ Russia… Asia…considering trading in Whan/ Bitcoin…
and with Wall Street on the Edge Of Crush… and with Almost Bankrupt USA… and From much Worse position In All The Global Affairs! And “they” bully me…?… I am Flattered! 
This Is The Cost That We All Pay From the Voting By Mail Fraud/ Scam! And if Not Stoped sooner than later… the Cost Will be Bigger!

of course if Mr Swamp does Not Like me…

I am… NOT A FAN of The Great Reset Stupidity!