I am… NOT A FAN of The Great Reset Stupidity!


Donald J Trump@realdonaldtrump


All Republican Governors should immediately begin the process of ENDING MAIL IN BALLOTS (which are fraught with corruption, and always will be!) EXCEPT FOR FAR AWAY MILITARY AND PEOPLE WITH A PROVEN ILLNESS, GETTING VOTER I.D. AND SAME DAY VOTING WITH ALL PAPER BALLOTS. This effort should be all out and start immediately. Governors have the power and authority to do this. GET IT DONE, or we will never have honest elections in our Country again!

And pretty soon no country as Well! If No action is to take place about this fraudulent voting by mail scam! 
With NO spending control…
As We see in the Global terrain… there is a Vacuum of power that created imbalance… and resulted in reduced influence!!!
Also resulted in the Ukrainian conflict with Global consequences on the Energy Global Ecosystem! 

Maybe the mighty and powerful WEF has deferent opinion about the value of election’s integrity… but this is a NATIONAL USA’s Affair! 
And this mess that They created put in jeopardy the Whole $ System Globally! 

And if I am to be bullied for criticism and criticising the “Political” Evolutions… by the “Blind” let them bully! I can take it!

At the End of The Day…
If they destroy USA… there will be No where to hide for them! 
So the “Political” Stupidity of the Corrupt Unlimited Spending… and undemocratic processes Is Just Bad self destructive Strategy! 
And The Balance in the Whole Insanity comes with Clean Processes!

And their … WEF problem… is that By destroying $ They will guide everyone to Ether/ Dodge crypto… and control the Gold! Old Fashion Banking Control…
BUT… huge BUT:
Ethereum Looses trust and ground…
The results of these “Economic?” sanctions damaged more EU/UK/USA than the Intended…
Plus created a miss Trust… NO TRUST… To Many Including Arab/ Indian/ China/ Russia… Asia…considering trading in Whan/ Bitcoin…
and with Wall Street on the Edge Of Crush… and with Almost Bankrupt USA… and From much Worse position In All The Global Affairs! And “they” bully me…?… I am Flattered! 
This Is The Cost That We All Pay From the Voting By Mail Fraud/ Scam! And if Not Stoped sooner than later… the Cost Will be Bigger!

of course if Mr Swamp does Not Like me…

I am… NOT A FAN of The Great Reset Stupidity!