The Expired News from the WEF:


In reality this WEF Madness for agenda…

to utilized the covid “pandemic”

which brought the election fraud by the voting by mail scam

to bring/ mandate the experimental gene injections…

to bring inflation and World WaR III!

If we do not change this course there Will be No environment to Save!

There will be No World!

Just Ashes!

Because in the last year we experienced these “Western Economic Sanctions” Reaction!

And Yes there is a Massive Huge Reaction that gains momentum daily!

And yes if worst comes… Poseidon will be realized!

So Yes…

I Do not support this Outdated Lunacy of the WEF suggested agenda!

And There is no alternative agenda Here in USA! The lunacy to bankrupt USA in order for some banks to Rule proved:

to be Dangerous for the world!

Unhealthy for the majority of us, Undemocratic and created Huge Reactions Globally!

And above All ILLEGAL!

Mr Al Gore/Keri and the rest are old Bad EXPIRED POLITICIANS AND News!

The MAGA/ America first agenda is

The Republican / Democratic FUTURE here in USA!

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