As the Spiral turns…


As It goes…

This WEF Do NOT REPRESENT Any Public Establishment!

Just their Own Private Interests!

WWWIII … against this Lunacy is coming…

and still this Drug Cartel Insists to its madeness…
And is not calculated not even by these economists!
Since there is No will to Compromise the situation…
No real dialogue!

It is the death spiral phenomenon!

Which turns and turns…

With this “World Joke for Economic forum” and these Insane Ideas,

Against All Legitimacy and with Elections fraud their Only Way…

and with the whole paramedical experimental treatment… ie:

A Drug Cartel!

In order to peacefully do that we need to have a World!

And unfortunately due to these insane Ideas/ mandate… bio fear/ bioterror…

More Drastic approach is required!

Legitimacy and elections integrity is the answer! But before that… I am afraid that these WEF lunatics will release New pandemic to desperately try to manipulate once more the Elections!

To Spread bio fear and voting by mail scam!

You can safely conclude that by Mr Blair’s speech at WEF!

That Certain biotech companies want to make money!

Like a Drug cartel!

And yes the world has the means to Evaporate these companies and criminal business practices!

To the open ongoing Front:

The Death spiral is turning…

Against All these mess that was created the past Two years!!!

Rationalizing the Political scene is Required to Avoid the Worst!

Real Negotiations must take place!

No to Dogmatic Lunatics!

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